About Us



Do you love the buzz of city living? Are you always looking for stylish interior solutions that match your style as well as fitting your city home, and your budget? We’ve created Aark London specifically to meet the needs and aspirations of stylish city dwellers like you.  Our expertly curated collection brings you the complete ‘London look’: with the space restrictions of city living firmly in mind, but with no compromise on style.


Aark’s beautifully designed and expertly edited and curated collection offers superb quality and style for every aspect of your home, and it’s all available in one showroom and on one website – saving you days of trailing from store to store.  Founder Gordana and her team at leading London architects Tyler Mandic have spent more than twenty years creating some of London’s most beautiful homes and now Aark London makes Gordana’s desirable ‘London look’ affordable and accessible for a much wider audience.


“It’s a look that goes beyond passing trends and the restrictions of style categories,” says Gordana.  “Aark style is all about an eclectic and irreverent approach to sophisticated interiors. It’s a look that is cosy and comfortable, sometimes minimal but also sometimes a little extravagant. It’s a cosmopolitan look that brings in influences from around the world, but always captures the buzz and creativity that is so distinctly ‘London now’.”


Everything in the Aark collection is selected and themed to make it easy for you to find a complete look for every room: from wall coverings, to furniture, to lighting and rugs – all saving you more time and causing you less stress.

Choose and order online, or visit our London showroom to see and touch the Aark collection in our inspiring room settings.