8th December 2016

Find out more about Aark

Find out more about Aark

Aark London is a new furniture and furnishings brand created specifically to bring the complete ‘London look’ to the homes of city dwellers: with the space restrictions of city living firmly in mind, but with no compromise on style or quality .

Aark’s beautifully designed and expertly edited and curated collection offers superb quality and style for every aspect of the home, and it’s all available in one showroom and on one website – saving aspirational homemakers many days spent trailing from store to store! 

The brand is the inspiration of architect and interior designer Gordana, partner in leading London practice Tyler Mandic.

Gordana and her team have spent more than twenty years remodelling and creating some of London’s most opulent houses for the capital’s rich and famous. 

Now Aark makes Gordana’s desirable ‘London look’ accessible and affordable for a much wider audience.

“Aark style is all about an eclectic and irreverent approach to sophisticated interiors: going beyond passing trends and the restrictions of style categories,” says Gordana. 

“It’s a look that is cosy and comfortable, sometimes minimal but sometimes also a little extravagant. It’s a cosmopolitan look that brings in influences from around the world, but always captures the buzz and creativity that is so distinctly ‘London now’.” 

“And everything in the Aark collection is selected and themed to work beautifully together throughout customer’s homes: from wall coverings, to sofas and other furniture, to lighting and rugs.” 

The Aark collection includes many original designs by Gordana and her TM team, – as well as living and dining furniture, fabrics, and accessories by some of the best design talents around the world.

Aark’s London showroom guides customers through a series of beautifully themed rooms, whilst their website makes ordering easy.