10th October 2017

Layering your home with colours

Layering your home with colours

Layering your home with colours

Using layering in your home adds depth and texture and turns your room or house into a home. 

Layering with colour can transform a rather flat scheme into something far more sophisticated and interesting.  As these beautiful rooms show, layering different tones of similar colours creates a soft and subtle backdrop that is elegant and evolving, opulent yet simple.  The fresh warm tones will subtly change depending on the outside light and orientation of the room, the time of day and the colour of the furniture and accessories surrounding them.


50 shades and more

Grey is still such an important colour in interiors. Finding the right shade of grey can be a real challenge as they easily turn very cold and unflattering.  Aark’s greys are warm, easy, adaptable and soft.  Layering just a handful of these tones can create a subtle and sophisticated mood which can be enhanced with the colour of your upholstery, cushions and art.  Adding different patterns and textures creates a more interesting room when there is a connection between the layered objects.  The soft yellow/orange in the artwork is picked up in the footstool and cushions to bring this beautiful room together.

Using both the palest and deepest shades of the same colour creates a rich contrasting look that is harmonious and balanced.  In this room the darker feature wall  works well against the mid-shade next to it  and the palest shade in the outer room brings a feeling of unity to the scheme.

Aark’s timeless colour palette has been put tried and tested in many hones, many times.  Each colour story has a gentle graduation from the palest to the darker tones and is designed for layering to create an effortlessly sophisticated look.

4th September 2017

Designer inspiration

Designer inspiration

Designer Inspiration

the dream

So let’s start with you: a new home or a new room is on the horizon, and a picture of it is beginning to emerge amongst the endless possibilities. It might be classic, contemporary or ultra-modern, glamorous or minimalist, functional or conceptual, cosy and inviting or grand and impressive.

You start looking around, buying interior design magazines, looking at pinterest, Houzz and and weekends are spent visiting furniture showrooms. Your vocabulary extends into territory you didn’t know existed: ‘fibrous plaster cornices’, ‘deck mounted taps’ and ‘reconstituted stone kitchen tops’. Everything seems possible, your wish list grows and grows, and it becomes almost a fantasy, a little bit of escapism.

Your family then comes in with their wishes, demands, ideas which maybe different or opposite to yours…

the reality

Then, the reality sinks in. You have to confront all the hurdles, large and small, that lie between you and your ideal home. The choices are endless, and the well-meaning advice and conflicting opinions of in-laws and friends start to fill you with doubts. Decisions have to be made about what exactly you want, and things turn out to be more expensive than you initially budgeted (“Why does this parquet stone flooring cost three times as much as this identical one?”). The whole thing can seem confusing, tiring and stressful. 

 count on us

That’s where we come in. With over 25 years of experience in interior renovation, catering to some of the world’s most established, demanding and particular clients, I’ve gained enormous insight into the process of homemaking. Here at Aark, we’ve decided to put pen to paper over the coming weeks, and craft a comprehensive series of articles advising you on all aspects of your design project. It’ll be as if you had your own personal architect or designer, or will help you in getting the most out of the one you have.

There’s loads of inspiration out there, but we understand that the world of home renovation and design can seem like a maze. We’ll guide you through, and hold your hand along the way. We know the process inside out, and our experience guarantees you the quickest and most painless route, meaning you won’t end up going round in circles. We’ll be covering every step from planning to execution, covering spaces of all shapes and sizes, styles and requirements. So, stick with us, come on the journey, and get inspired!